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Bell's theorem - for or against Hidden Variables?
(08-01-2016, 10:19 PM)secur Wrote: Gill1109 wrote: They believed that they had built a genuine local hidden variables model which violated Bell inequalities.

No doubt you're right, having so much experience with these things, but I wound up deciding they couldn't possibly think that. So, they were thinking of the "coincidence" loophole, and doing their best to hide it (perhaps only subconsciously). That "insight" (according to you, wrong) was, I thought, possibly a new contribution to the topic.

Gill1109 wrote: It was very difficult to track down the mistake in the mathematics, it was hidden very deeply and came down to forgetting an index (one of many) and forgetting to renormalise a measure to get a probability distribution, in the heart of their construction.

Yes I read your paper, that's what tipped me off to it, although I had noticed it a bit already. I just couldn't believe they could make such a mistake, and decided it was (more or less) deliberate. But again, I'll accept your judgment; compared to you I only glanced at the paper. Also I don't know the people involved as well.
Well there are two authors of these papers: one is a mathematician, the other is a physicist. There is a mismatch between the physics ideas and the mathematics theorems.

Their insight that the coincidence loophole is important is absolutely correct. It seems someone had had it before (the paper is quite forgotten, and right now I can't recall the name of the author) but it was not widely known and appreciated till Hess and Philipp triggered Larsson and Gill to work on it. Our work became known and triggered improvement in the experiments.

PS: I looked up the reference: S. Pascazio (1986) Phys Letters A 118, 47-53 shows how the coincidence loophole can allow local realism to violate Bell inequalities.

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