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Bell's theorem - for or against Hidden Variables?
(07-25-2016, 05:33 PM)secur Wrote: ... could you please explain why you reject the "QM is non-local" interpretation of Bell-related results, and what your preferred option is. A brief indication of your position is fine, no need for details, I can always ask for more clarification. Thanks in advance!
Whether a theory is local or non-local depends, I think, on what you consider to be real. If you want to consider the outcomes of not-performed measurements as real, then QM is non-local. If you want to consider the wave-function as real, then QM is non-local. But if you accept only the reality of actual outcomes of performed measurements, and accept irreducible randomness as a fundamental part of reality, then it seems to me that QM is local.

But I am not a professional philosopher, nor a physicist, just a mathematician. I think we should not worry so much about locality and non-locality. Maybe it is time to forget some distinctions which used to be considered important. Perhaps the phenomena are trying to teach us that some old distinctions have less meaning than we thought. It seems to me that successful Bell experiments are teaching us that reality is non classical. Things apparently happen in these experiments which cannot be explained in a mechanistic way. QM allows some things which classically would have been thought to be impossible; but it also forbids other things. Reality is *different* from what we thought. Different from how evolution has programmed our brains to imagine reality. Right now I think we should reject local-realism but that the idea that one of the two (locality or realism) has to be rejected and the other can be kept is too simplistic. It's more useful to explore the possibilities offered by QM and maybe adapt our ideas of locality and realism accordingly.

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