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Bell's theorem - for or against Hidden Variables?
(07-15-2016, 07:50 PM)Thomas Ray Wrote: Lovely.  Quantum Randi Challenge (which I don't think has anything to do with Amazing Randi; he should sue) is the biggest [...] piece of science ever suggested by anyone who goes by the name 'scientist'.

Who cares about a consensus meaning?  That's for dictionaries.

How could the QRC be a fraud and a hoax since entrance is free, and will forever be so?

And about consensus of scientific terms and its importance...well, would you rather like to be in a Tower of Babel?

(PS: After reading through your earlier posts here and elsewhere I realize you would. In fact you are.)

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RE: Bell's theorem - for or against Hidden Variables? - by Heinera - 07-15-2016, 08:32 PM

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