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Bell's theorem - for or against Hidden Variables?
First, the explanation for the large scale homogeneity, which includes the constant value for the Higgs particle, is given by "inflation" (better would be accelerated expansion,  "inflation" is misleading), and this explanation is causal, compatible with usual Einstein causality. And it is this requirement for Einstein causality, which is the main, and imho the only decisive, argument for this accelerated expansion in the early universe.   

Then, of course, the idea of a photon which "switches immediately" from the state of "maybe the photon is here" to "no photon left" may be scary, but it would not need any influence backward in time. All we need is a classical absolute time (not a directly measurable one because of distortion by gravity, but this does not make it scary, only hidden) where this causal influence happens with almost infinite speed but forward in time.

Your idea could not only create a conflict with another measurement of the other particle, it actually creates one. This is what the experiments which test violations of Bell's inequality are about: To have two experiments so that a light ray emitted at the begin of each of them could not reach the other part before the end of the experiment, before the measurement result became macroscopic and irreversible. So, to "revert time" one would really have to undo an actual macroscopic event, not only to reject a yet unrealized possibility.

This process of undoing would have to violate causality, classical causality, not only Einstein causality. One would need a causal influence into the past, not only one faster than light but into future in some hidden preferred time.

In the last part you introduce something many-worlds-like. Many worlds is nothing I would like to comment, the main problem is imho that it simply does not make sense. Probability is the probability that something happens, and this makes sense only if only one thing really happens and everything else not.

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