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Dark MattersI
Big Grin 
I am a returning University Student hunting for my BS in Physics.  I quit a long time ago because society beat my reality with a royal FLUSH.  I was going to give up for good and take up writing when I met a Physicist at the airport I had a temporary job with right before the W invasion of Iraq.  He wrote how all the constants in the universe were wrong.  I read the piece he gave me and all I could really look at was the graph of Einstein's Gravitational Well around the Earth.  It took me 15 years to get back to the University but I am back and I believe in the Hidden Variables about Gravitation and Space.  I know the Results about the Aether from Michelson-Morley and about the Gravitational Waves discovered by a Similar device!
  Modern Physics is about the Energy that we directly Experience and not about the Energy we don't Directly Experience.  I do not think Einstein is wrong at all but I think a different Interpretation is needed and I am working towards maybe a new Interpretation.
  I hope you folks don't mind me being an Observer.  I, while I am not a fan of the aether, I am a fan of what it represents as far as space-time goes.  It almost makes sense on a Einsteinian level but not on a Newtonian level.  I think both of these Brilliant men need to be Merged more Efficiently together so Dark Energy and I hope Dark Matter will be displayed.
  I hope you don't mind me observing and participating.

  Thank You

Hello StormWatch, you're welcome to observe and participate! Please note the forum 'Personal "theories" and other alternative ideas', that's where to post alternative ideas. Questions from beginners, or assertions from experts, are welcome, the only thing we don't like is assertions from beginners! So if you make radical claims make sure you can back them up. Society has hit me with royal flushes also, I can relate to that. Hope your academic situation works out better this time.
Welcome from me also.
Thanks guys... Nope no assertions without proof because I presently do not have the proof to back them up but I like the idea where this forum is going. I wish I could feel this relaxed in class! Because of the ideas not the online stuff.

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