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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
As for what Lorentz "really thought", let's not go there; I'm not a psychologist, much less do I talk to the spirits of the dead. His mechanical effect has absolutely nothing to do with "ether wind". Wherever you heard that, recommend you don't read that source again! It's a mechanical effect straight from Maxwell's equations. But none of that's important.

The important point is: In Lorentzian relativity, does that spaceship twin age slower? In other words, is time dilation a real effect? Yes, it is. All effects, in both experiments and any reasonable thought experiment - like the "Twin Paradox" - are identical between Lorentz and Einstein views of special relativity. The only effects we can actually test are time dilation and relativistic mass, so focus on those.

So we have differing opinions on that issue. (As I say, forget any differing opinions re. what anybody might have thought over 100 years ago). Now the question is: how to prove who's right? I'd say the easiest way is to produce a quote from a recognized authority. I can do that ... and will, in a while.

Meanwhile please post a quote, from a recognized authority, claiming that Lorentzian mechanics - as defined in "Electromagnetic Phenomena in a System moving with any Velocity less than that of Light", H.A. Lorentz, 1904 - says that time dilation is NOT a real effect.

BTW if I'm wrong about this, I'll owe you very much for setting me straight!

Thanks in advance.

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