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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
@Ilja and Secur

No, these comments are totally wrong. In the view of Lorentz, the length contraction was a mechanical affect due to aether wind pushing against a moving body. Yes, the calculation is the same. A moving clock would go slower, but it's an illusion where the "real time" takes place in the aether. According to Lorentz, the twins would never actually age differently since their "real age" would always be defined in the aether. That is 100% documented as the view of Lorentz and it's a simple fact that this is the whole point of a preferred space-time foliation. If you have any sources from Lorentz indicating that's not what he thought, I'd like to see it. I do believe that towards the end of his life, Lorentz was persuaded by general relativity that Einstein was right all along, but the aether theory certainly predicts that the twins won't age differently, since it's not a "real affect" but an "illusion" due to using a "bad frame". You have to use the aether frame to get the correct answer.

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