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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics

It's important to understand that all the same effects happen in Lorentz's view as Einstein's. A preferred frame, where the Universe is at rest, contradicts no actual data at all. And it's supported very well by the Microwave Background Radiation which of course was unknown in 1905 (SR) or 1904 (Lorentz theory). The 1905 paper contains exactly the same math (for all main results) as the 1904 paper and gives the same results. Einstein introduced only a new philosophy, "every frame is equally valid" - with no experimental or observational evidence for it. Lorentz (and Poincare) knew the Principle of Relativity (POR) well - they were the ones who invented it. But they said "it's as though every frame is equally valid". E. said "every frame is equally valid." I think that's a mistake which has caused many decades of confusion and wasted effort.

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