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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
Such texts as this one remember religious sermons. As quantum theory as it is, in its minimal or Copenhagen interpretation, as relativity, are presented like unquestionable truths.  They cannot be in conflict, out of principle.  If realism or causality, taken together with relativity, lead to Bell inequalities, but quantum theory violates them, one thing is certain: It is not relativity which is false.  So, we have to reject the idea that there is an external reality.  And once there is no possibility to find a causal explanation for the violation of Bell's inequality which does not violate Einstein causality, we have to give up the very idea that observable correlations always have causal explanations, we have to give up even Reichenbach's principle of common cause. 

I'm a realist. In some sense, one can say that this is a belief, also comparable with some religious belief.  One could even make a point: I would not give up realism because of some scientific observation.  Why?  Because i cannot imagine that there could be a reason to believe that these observations could be completely unexplainable, even in principle, by some model of reality.  The "reality" I see around me now may appear to be a hallucination created by some matrix, fine, but then the matrix would be some reality.  I may die and wake up in heaven, or hell.  Then I would probably accept the particular religion which made the claim that this particular place really exists. But all these possibilities would not mean that I give up the belief that there exists some reality. I'm a scientist, because I want to understand this reality.  

The same holds for causality. If there is some correlation, I will believe that it has a causal explanation.  And I will continue to believe this even if I have no idea about what could be this causal explanation. Finding such causal explanations is what scientists do, and like to do.  So, yet unexplained correlations define only scientific problems I have to solve.  What could motivate me to think that there may be correlations which are unexplainable by causal influences?  There is nothing I could imagine.  I'm a scientist because I like to search for causal explanations of observable correlations. 

If I would stop to believe that an external reality exists, and that observable correlations have causes, what would be the point of doing science?  

But if realism and causality are what I accept as the base, the foundation of science, and therefore, unquestionable by scientific evidence, then it follows that another assumption of Bell's inequality has to be rejected.  And the only other assumption is Einstein causality.

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