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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
Hello poorboy, I wouldn't mind seeing the connection made more explicit myself, but I'm sure it's no mystery.

Bohm's introductory work did in fact talk about the 2-slit experiment, but dBB certainly doesn't only explain that. Realize that many authors use the 2-slit experiment to illustrate their basic idea. Feynman did that, with QED. But in both cases the equations apply to all of QM. Bohm's equivalence principle makes this explicit. It shows that dBB is equivalent to regular QM in all situations; in no way does it rely on 2-slit experiment.

Caveats: I don't know that from my own study, but all dBB experts claim it. Furthermore, although some opponents claim the Equivalence Theorem is flawed in some way, they all agree that it's supposed to apply to all QM not just 2-slit. Yes, some do claim the results don't work for a case like heat capacity. But nobody has shown those flaws, at least not in a peer-reviewed published paper. And if they could demonstrate such a flaw that would be an important publication, immediately accepted; they would definitely go ahead and submit it.

Another caveat, these comments apply only to non-relativistic QM, which is all that's concerned in this heat-capacity issue. Later work has also extended results to relativistic QM, and QFT, although perhaps not completely.

Thus dBB is, at least, supposed to apply not only to position, not only to 2-slit, but also to momentum, spin, multiple particles, and so forth. IF someone thinks there's a problem with that (for all I know, there may be) it's up to them to prove it. Bohm's Equivalence Principle remains unchallenged by any legitimate work.

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