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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
Nothing wrong with not being a physicist! I'm not either, although as a mathematician with a lot of physics experience I'm in the ballpark, especially with QM, since my degree is in functional analysis (Hilbert Spaces etc). LM and Schmelzer are at much higher level but I can follow the conversation pretty well.

But you can still contribute and, as a layman, judge, to some extent.

Imagine you were wondering which of two boxers was the best. Imagine one of them ("A") was ready to fight, anywhere, anytime. And, that he never said a word against the other ("B"), just: "bring it on". Imagine that B adamantly refused to get in the ring with A. He'd gone a round or two a while ago, no clear decision, just enough to get a taste. Then he suddenly stopped the match and banned "A", forever, from his Boxing Club - for a reason we can only guess. Imagine B talked big - as long as A wasn't around - bad-mouthing him behind his back. But absolutely refused to get in the ring with him ever again.

Ok, which would you guess is probably the better, more confident, fighter?

You see, you can judge physics issues, tentatively at least, without knowing any physics!

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