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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
I disagree. In quantum equilibrium, the state in dBB is completely defined the the quantum wave function. So the "number of possible distinct states" is also the same.

Of course, to clarify this, one also has to take a look at the foundations of thermodynamics. Because this is nothing which starts with some nicely invented axioms or postulates that one, for undefined reasons, has to count some number of possible distinct states. All this has a base in the microscopic physics, is derived from it. What is, in particular, essential, is that there is some microscopic definition of entropy, which is conserved. As for classical thermodynamics, where this is \( S = - \int \rho \ln \rho dp \land dq\), as in quantum theory, where it is the von Neumann entropy.

BTW, the word "phase space" has nothing to do nor with the space of states of quantum theory, nor of dBB theory, it is about a particular (Hamiltonian) formalism of classical theory.

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