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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
I was thinking some more about computing heat capacities in dBB. As Schmelzer has pointed out, Bohm (1952) showed that the usual Born rule is applied to the pilot wave so that one obtains the usual predictions as in quantum theory. That is, the statistical predictions based on the Born rule are completely reproduced. The problem is that the heat capacities are computed by taking the log(#possible distinct states). This has nothing to do with the Born rule, so Bohm (1952) isn't relevant here. In fact, the phase spaces of the two theories are indeed quite distinct, and only QM allows one to compute the right heat capacities as Motl clearly demonstrated.

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RE: Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics - by user7348 - 05-31-2016, 05:34 PM

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