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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
(05-29-2016, 05:39 PM)user7348 Wrote: ... but there is one result I'm certain Lubos is full of it, casting doubt that anything the man says is reasonable. He claims that in the Hardy experiment Bohmian Mechanics can't reproduce P = 1/16.
Why should I care about claims of people who do not believe in well-known, published theorems?

He has a blog which is sufficiently popular, so I think there is a necessity to answer claims he makes about dBB theory. But only as far as an answer is necessary. Once a reference to the equivalence theorem, as given by Bohm 1952, is sufficient to answer the claim, I do not see a reason to do more. If he accepts this or not is his problem, not my. In the past, he has raised more reasonable and more interesting arguments - nothing new, but answering the well-known classical objections is also something worth to be done. But if he does not believe published theorems, so be it, nothing to care about.

If he succeeds to publish something about this in some good journal, this would be another thing. Then this would be a chance to get a publication in a good journal by refuting him. So I have, with a cheap refutation of a refutation of Bell's theorem, got a publication in Annalen der Physik, a quite famous name even if the most important papers have been in the past.

BTW, the point he has made which I remember was not not completely off - it was that even if the proof of impossibility could not be applied because dBB is nonlocal, it does not follow that dBB predicts the correct result. This is ok. That it gives the correct result follows not from such a counterargument, but from the equivalence result from Bohm 1952.

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