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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
Hello Quiet Reader,

Yours is a good suggestion but at this time such an experiment seems out of reach. In 1993 David Bohm speculated that such could be done by 2093 - at best - and that still seems reasonable. So far both theoretically and experimentally dBB is indistinguishable from standard QM, AFAIK.

If you google the topic you will find a lot of discussion. Valentini has done the most work in this area, here's a paper from 2011 http://rspa.royalsocietypublishing.org/c....2011.0598.

As you know they're doing some amazingly precise investigations into behavior of both fermions and bosons, using lasers as a key tool. Are you familiar with Nonlinear Quantum Optics? They're learning about photon behavior at a detailed level undreamed of last century. And many other areas of materials science and condensed solids are making great advances.

Considering this, I have one possible suggestion along the same lines as yours. In addition to attempting to design experiments specifically to test for disequilibrium, perhaps it would be useful to review the many very small-time-scale experiments that are already being done, looking for any unexpected phenomena which might have something to do with disequilibrium. Maybe someone has already done such an experiment, is struggling to explain the results with standard QM, and doesn't know about dBB! If nothing else one would find out about many fascinating new results.

Schmelzer, I'm sure, knows more details. But I'm rather confident that my main point is correct: experimentally observing disequilibrium is probably still beyond our technology.

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