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New scientific developments
There is a growing trend towards the use of computing systems to strive for new scientific developments.

Today, this is only fantaisy and futurist thinking

But the trend in computing science is here and they are clearly steps that happened over the last 10 years

Are these new developments something this community find interesting? How will it shap the future of science?
I would see the first applications of AI in science in domains where one has a lot of experiments to be evaluated.

Experiments in fundamental physics, using particle colliders, already use a lot of software to evaluate the results. So, this would be a reasonable candidate for AI applications, given that the data themselves are already given in the electronic form and the raw data are accessible in electronic form too.

In the theoretical part, I would not expect AI to become interesting. Beyond the standard model, everything is speculation only. The only quantitative data are numbers of papers and citations. They are worthless in fundamental physics because they are inherently only sociological data, and the sociology of research in fundamental physics is nothing but sociology. The sociological success it is not a good criterion of truth, it is only a cheap, accessible replacement for this.

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