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De-Mystifying Special Relativity
(09-12-2017, 08:59 AM)Schmelzer Wrote: I have actually some problems downloading it (probably bad connection), so my first comment only about what you have written here.

A similar idea goes already back to Lorentz, who has observed that if what holds usual matter together is also the EM field, then rulers and clocks would have the same symmetry group.  

See also my preliminary version of an introduction into relativity based on the Lorentz ether.  

So, for me this is an "old hat".  Unfortunately, most mainstream physicists are completely unaware of this.

Thanks for the feedback.

I checked the download from my side, and there was no problem. Let me know if I need to re-load the attachment.

I get that there was/is "speculation" about matter having electromagnetic "wave" properties. However, that the invariance of the speed of a wave, and time dilation, can be seen to be associated with measuring waves using waves, regardless of the type of wave, (sound in air, water, steel) then there is really no speculation required.

Why is there this "mystery" around the invariance of the speed of light if it is relatively clear that it is merely a function of measuring waves using waves? Why is there a surprise that time dilates when it is just a function of waves being measured with waves, and it is clear to see that this is a function of all wave systems, not just electromagnetic waves?

Surely the easiest way to explain "special relativity" to anybody is to explain that these phenomena are just properties of waves, rather than these being some "weird" properties associated with "light" and "travelling close to the speed of light".

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