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Light Fastness Tester
Hello Guys,

Do you know, what is Light Fastness Tester? Light Fastness Tester is used to determine the color fastness of textiles against sunlight. To determine the colorfastness and degradation due to the effects of sunlight on textiles. I have searched in Google and among these websites I think this website: http://textileinstruments.net/pod_pro.as...Tester.asp is good. But Guys I want more ideas and information about it. So Would you like to some more Suggestions about it? 
Nice joke, so I will leave it here. Maybe useful for those who want to make some tests of how fast is light.

But this forum has nothing to do with fastness of textiles. So, no hope to get more information here about anything related with textiles.
Haha, interesting! I think it has nothing in common with a physics Big Grin

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