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More metric junctions?
I wonder. Is it possible to consider the space inside a proton as its own type? We could model it as deSitter space(?). Then it would be immiscible with the "normal" 4d space we experience. Does mass then arise from its interaction with our normal space? Gravity could also be modeled as the accumulated baryonic masses of the constituent parts of celestial bodies with our universe. Of course, now gravity must be described as a type of displacement of space and not as an effect of curvature. 
How would this be possible? As an object moved and displaced the surrounding space it would effectively create its own "shorter" path through space time. Incidentally, inertia then becomes an interaction with local space time, not, an interaction with the rest of the mass of the Universe. Dreaming!
Nobody has tried, at least I don't know about such an attempt. And I would say it would not make much sense within the actual background of quantum field theory.

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