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The place for "alternative theories"
This subforum is designed for the discussion of various "alternative theories".   The word "theory" is in quotation marks because it is quite typical that what is named a "theory" by those who propose them is not what professional physicists would name a theory.  

The main problem of many "theories" proposed by laymen is that they do not have a mathematical apparatus which is necessary for a theory which would be able to compete with the established theories of physics.  The point is that the mathematical apparatus of the theories of modern physics is not something invented to frustrate laymen who would like to develop own theories of physics, but serves a purpose:  It allows the physicists to derive predictions about what will happen in the future if we know the actual situation.  This is what is done by so-called evolution equations.  And if it is not possible to predict exactly what happens, they allow at least predict some probabilities.  And these predictions are something one can test in experiments, or compare with observations, or to use them to construct technical devices.  So, if a "theory" does not have the apparatus which allows to make such predictions, it is clearly inferior to the established theories. 

Will there be other examples of theories discussed here?  We will see.
How about "Hypothosis suggesting future alternative theory awaiting observation experiment and supporting math." forum.
Many laymen talk about their theory and they may as well say "an idea that popped into my head which I want to get help with to develop further".
Not withstanding your hope to attract professional scientists no doubt we will see many laymen interested in science who believe that have a new idea a "theory" as they will call it and they will expect a fair hearing with little appreciation that their approach is nowhere near the formulation of a theory.
The test will be can the forum treat these folk politely and with patience.
If we can retain composure folk will learn and find the forum friendlier than most all others.
I want to handle them in a fair and polite way. But this does not mean that their proposals can expect some positive, favorable discussion. If their ideas are far away from being a theory, this will be said. I will be polite, yes. Patience - I'm not so sure, we will see. Friendly to them - no problem. But to ideas ideas and proposals - no way.

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