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Great idea for a forum!

Like xelasnave, I also want to show my support. I hope to be able to make some contributions to the discussion.

I have one reservation. As you (Schmeizer) point out in an "Why a Hidden Variables forum?", it's important to communicate with the general public - "interested laymen". The role of physics in society has been negative due to the anti-common-sense aspect of some key physics theories such as relativity. The public gets the toxic message that their intuition is completely wrong, and they can never understand why; so leave the heavy thinking to the "high priests" of physics and just watch TV (so to speak). Assuming (as, I think, we do) that this message is wrong, it needs to be changed.

Now the current problem with this forum is that no one is reading it, so our discussion here will have no impact on anyone else. That's why, at the moment, my first priority will be to post on Physics Forums or other places with much more exposure. On the plus side, of course, many valid thoughts will be censored at PF, but allowed here.

I can offer no solution to this problem right now, but I think it's something to keep in mind. Of course the best way to "get the message out" is write great papers that prove your point, post them on arxiv or wherever, and win a Nobel ... I'll rely on you to accomplish that!

I haven't noticed a particular subforum to discuss general issues like this, that's why I'm mentioning it here.

Anyway thanks for your valuable efforts Schmeizer!
Your point that relativity is anti-common-sense and has, by destroying the trust of the public into common sense, a negative, toxic influence on society is, indeed, a good point.  

I think the  Alternative Science vs. Mainstream Science subforum would be a good place for this.

Of course, that no-one is reading this forum will remain a problem, at least for some time. My attempt to post an announcement on Physics Forums was rejected. I will try other forums, of course.

And I hope that such a forum has the ability to attract more readers. If it works, of course. We will see.

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