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Bell's theorem - for or against Hidden Variables?
Not properties of space; properties of spacetime.

The so-called QRC is a perpetual time-wasting game of tic-tac-toe (naughts and crosses to you Brits).  It prescribes its own boundary, without a physical space to frame it, and so presents the illusion of individual discrete choice on an infinite two-dimension plane.  

Events in four dimension spacetime are reversible.  There is no need to violate special relativity -- special relativity in fact may be the key to our comprehensibility of a finite world.  Many Christian critics think that his measure space is exotic – it is not. What is exotic, actually, is the infinite and unbounded space of conventional quantum theory, which has no physical sense independent of experiment. (Think on the significance of Terry Tao's remark: " ... that all functions on a finite set are bounded - can be viewed as a very simple example of a local-to-global principle.")  Terry Tao knows the significance of a finitely bounded topology.

Einstein can say that all physics is local, because all physics is not other than local.  That includes the results of Bell-Aspect.

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