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Bell's theorem - for or against Hidden Variables?
@FrediFizzx, Christian's paper does, indeed, endow space with "spinor properties" - after all spinors are closely related to quaternions. Unfortunately in a preceding discussion it was established that the paper has mistakes, as no doubt you remember. So I was hoping you'd come up with a different reference!

Spinors (or quaternions, or Pauli matrices, or geometric algebras with the appropriate norm and indices, or other manifestation of this sort) are of course extremely valid and IMHO the best way to deal with 3-dimensional angles and rotations. So it's fine to formulate Bell's inequality using them. But it makes no difference to the physics - unless you can give another reference which shows it does?

Alternatively, at the end of the preceding discussion we recommended that you, or someone, re-work Christian's paper to remove the mistakes noted. If you do that I'll be happy to read the result.

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