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Joy Christian's LHV Model that disproves Bell
Now that we have shown that Bell was wrong over in this thread,


we can move on to a local hidden variable (LHV) model that produces the predictions of QM.  On the other thread no LHV model was required to show that Bell made a mistake.  What this means is that since he was wrong, then it is possible that a LHV model can reproduce the predictions of QM.  We will now introduce Joy Christian's classical local-realistic model.

The main postulate of Joy's model is very simple and very logically consistent physically.  When particle pairs are created from a singlet state, those pairs as a system will have a left or right handed orientation.  Makes perfect physical sense.  The other postulate is that those pairs as a system behave via parallelized 3-sphere topology.  That postulate also makes physical sense however it probably means that space has unique spinor properties.  Now Joy's model was numerically validated using the computer program GAViewer as Joy had employed geometric algebra to more easily describe it.  That can be found here,


And it is easy to see that the model is pretty simple.  If anyone requires further explanation, feel free to ask.  So this is further evidence that Bell was wrong since there does exist a LHV model that does produce the predictions of QM.

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