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Computing heat capacities in Bohmian Mechanics
Sorry, but I see no possibility to answer your question as requested without being misleading.  

The situation is close to a request "please tell me what is 2+2 but don't say it is 4".  The answer is the same as in quantum theory, for the reason that the two theories are equivalent.  I could copy-paste some derivation, without saying this, but this would violate another ethical rule, you know, against plagiarism.  I could invent a new derivation, and, then, claim out of nothing that it is somehow a dBB-based derivation.  Which would be misleading, because the new derivation could be easily applied by proponents of the Copenhagen interpretation too. 

So, sorry for not completely following your request.  The answer is: See if there is an equivalence theorem between some dBB variant which is appropriate for the given situation and standard quantum theory. 

Once there is one, one can use standard techniques from quantum theory.  So, if you have some computation using standard QM techniques, fine, take it, copy-paste it and use it.  

What could be wrong with this answer?  First, there could be some error in the equivalence proof.  This would mean that one has to find an error in a published and often cited paper like Bohm 1952.  Then, maybe we have a situation where we have simply no dBB theory to prove an equivalence.  This may be considered a problem for relativistic fermion fields, but even here we have proposals, see this thread.

But if the equivalence has been proven, then this equivalence automatically includes thermodynamics too.

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