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Aether Matter Waves
Think about it in the following way: There are experiments, and these experiments allow us to find out which functions we need to describe what we observe. There is an electric field? There is. And there is a magnetic field too. This is nothing which follows from some abstract theory. It was a consequence of observing electric and magnetic effects. Maxwell has got the equations for these fields right, and it appeared that these equations can be used also to explain light. Fine. But what are these electric and magnetic fields? Nobody knows. It does not follow from observation.

Same for temperature and pressure. That there is such an animal like temperature and pressure is something which follows from observation. The equations for them can be, then, postulated (guessed), and if they are guessed wrongly, this will be easily found out because the equations would not give the solutions we observe. But this is quite helpless to tell us what temperature and what pressure is.

Then came atomic theory, which made guesses what temperature and pressure is. It would have been foolish for those atomic theorists to invent new fields or new equations, instead of trusting what experimenters have observed, and used the equations physicists have found to describe them. They have not rejected these equations, but explained them, deriving them from some atomic models. The same ideas of the atomic model - to construct some models which would give the fields which have been observed - was also the base for old ether theory.

And this is what I try to repeat, and I'm quite successful with this program. So, I take the fields and the equations of the fields which have been found by modern physics. What I reject is the interpretation for these equations given by the mainstream. I search for an interpretation of these equations in terms of a classical ether. It would be as stupid for me to reject the GR and the SM fields and equations as it would have been for the old atomic theorists to reject thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. I take as given what experimenters have found in their accelerators. This is the starting point.

But this does not mean that I have to take over, together with the equations, also that strange curved spacetime interpretation. So, I do not think that these GR fields \(g^{\mu\nu}(x,t)\) define some "curved spacetime" or so. No. I use the classical Newtonian concept of absolute space and time. Then, the components of the "spacetime" split into parts connected with space - the components with indices 1,2,3 - and with time, which are the components with index 0. And I have found that I can, instead, identify the GR function \(g^{00}\sqrt{-g}\) with the density of an ether. And that I can identify the relation \(g^{0i}/g^{00}\) with the velocity of the ether. And in this case, very nice additional equations often used in GR to simplify the formulas - the harmonic conditions - which fixes preferred coordinates, simply appear to be the classical continuity and Euler equations for the ether.

So, the equations are used, the fields are used, but interpreted in a completely different way. In GR, harmonic coordinates were simply a quite nice choice of coordinates, they essentially simplified the formulas, fine, but they had no fundamental importance at all. To give them any fundamental importance would be anathema. I give them fundamental importance, they define the Euclidean coordinates of the Newtonian space as well as absolute time. And the harmonic condition becomes a well-known equation of classical condensed matter theory.

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