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De-Mystifying Special Relativity
(09-17-2017, 12:10 PM)Schmelzer Wrote: [quote pid='5559' dateline='1505222915']
What matters is not measuring waves using waves, but measuring waves using waves of the same characteristic (limiting) speed. 


I think we are both saying the same thing. That is why I have "defined" the wave existential reference frame. It is about using the same kind of waves to do the measurements as the waves you are measuring. e.g. Sound waves in air to measure sound waves in air, sound waves in water to measure sound waves in water etc. The conclusion that I believe is clear from this is that "matter" must therefore be part of the electromagnetic wave "characteristic" wave, (existential reference frame in my definition) because when we use "matter" to measure electromagnetic waves, we get the same results as when using electromagnetic waves to do the same measurements. (Time dilation etc.)

You then bring up the next point, regarding "matter" with mass. I have a conceptual model for how that works, from which flows a gravitational model for the aether. Unfortunately the mathematics of such a model is beyond me, but maybe you would find this much easier, if you agreed with it off-course!

I think that maybe I should start another thread, seeing as this moves outside the subject of "special relativity" which is in the title of this thread. I will call the new thread "Aether matter waves".

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