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Another attack against de Broglie-Bohm theory by Lumo
Schmelzer, I went to Lumo's forum and asked him about dBB. BTW I called myself "algore" which was my old net name for decades. Wasn't allowed on PF - either because it's a famous politician, or already in use, so I became "secur". You can look at the results there if you want. Warning - algore's personality is definitely not up to your standards!

Perhaps I was getting somewhere and was about to propose that he reinstate you but he hasn't responded, don't know why. I'll post a link to your page, but only with permission, you understand. Since at the moment you're persona non grata I will tell him whose the link is (if I get that far) and he can decide whether it's Ok.

There's no way anyone is going to convince him of anything, IMHO. His mind is made up - stubborn. Doesn't matter; except, of course, one wants to spread one's ideas as far as possible. He's certainly entertaining ... see what happens.

Re prejudice - I'm "prejudiced", alright, in favor of open discussion and unbiased appraisal of all ideas. Also, in favor of each person rejecting anything he doesn't like, without interfering with other's freedom. Finally, I'm "prejudiced" in favor of the owner of a given board: he, or she, can do whatever they want with their own turf.

As far as I know dBB is reasonable and possible; still haven't seen anything to make me think otherwise - just polemics.

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RE: Another attack against de Broglie-Bohm theory by Lumo - by secur - 05-16-2016, 12:12 AM

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