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Double slit experiment
Schmelzer and secur,
I support (with my work) that QM became what it is because of the Copenhagen Interpretation. The fundamental error (few may actually notice it) of the Copenhagen Interpretation is that they have confused the cause behind the effect with the measurement problem. Quantum effects work all the time even if you do not measure. It is totally absurd when Copenhagenists claim that it is not a valid question "from where the particle passed through". This illusion (and more) comes from the used abstract maths that have nothing to do with reality.

The probability distribution that gives the interference pattern on the Double-Slit experiment is not associated with the cause but with the observation (screen). Since there is no experiment (because the interference pattern will be destroyed) that may justify from where the electron passed through then, the claim of simultaneously passing through both slits is not valid not to say absurd.

Although I do not speak about the Double-Slit on my work, I would propose the following view:
-Since slits dimensions are almost close (some orders of magnitude larger actually) to the charged particle then the slits plays the role of a bounded space as also the distance between them (small obstacle) where there it is expected (based on my work) the speed of light to decay (based on slit and particle dimensions as also the separation width)
-The electron beam used on such experiments have a specific profile given by a Probability distribution (like Gaussian). It means the electrons are distributed along the propagation axis
-Passing through one or the other will be determined by the position of the electron before and while passing through the slit
-Due to the decay of the speed of light (it will vary across the slits), the momentum of the electron will vary not in amplitude but in terms of direction (the Electrostatic Deflection experiment will prove exactly this)
-It cannot pass through both of them since it will violate the Energy and Momentum Conservation something that QM frequently ignores when comes a Wave like behavior of matter into play

In the same category falls the Quantum Tunneling that is actually a non-probabilistic effect according to my view.

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