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Bans in other forums
I think, a quite common problem of people who propose some alternative theories is that they are unwanted in scientific forums.  The end of this is often that they will be simply banned. 

Here I will have to start with an example of such a ban:  I have been banned today on http://www.physicsforums.com/ for making an announcement that this forum is opened.  Here is what I have tried to post there:

Quote:I hope this is the correct place to make such an announcement. I recognize that advertising other forums with a similar topic is nothing moderators would like to see in their forums. But the situation is, in this case, a little bit different.

The point which makes me hope that this advertisement will not be removed, is that the forum I have opened for public use today will be interesting for a group of users which this forum does not want to attract at all, because they would like to do things which are explicitly forbidden here, like:

Quote:Discussion of theories that appear only on personal web sites, self-published books, etc.
Challenges to mainstream theories (relativity, the Big Bang, etc.) that go beyond current professional discussion
Attempts to promote or resuscitate theories that have been discredited or superseded (e.g. Lorentz ether theory); this does not exclude discussion of those theories in a purely historical context
Personal theories or speculations that go beyond or counter to generally-accepted science

So, I would even suggest the moderation team to put a visible link to this forum at places where this would be visible to those who want to do such things.  

The forum I would like to advertise here is named <a href="http://ilja-schmelzer.de/forum/"> Hidden Variables</a>.  The name already indicates the main topic: Hidden Variable theories or interpretations of the theories of modern physics. 

That means, even if it is open to theories which are not mainstream, and therefore not appropriate in this forum, it is also not open to arbitrary non-mainstream nonsense. A first restriction is that it is about physics, so no 9/11, moon landing, intelligent design.  Then, the theories should be viable, compatible with existing empirical evidence. 

The personal reason to open a forum to discuss such theories is an obvious one: I propose such hidden variable theories myself. These theories are not mainstream, but sufficiently close to it - they have been published in peer-reviewed mainstream papers, and give the theories of modern physics - general relativity, the standard model of particle physics - as their limits. And this is what those who propose alternative theories have to reach too, if they want to survive in the forum. So, this forum will be in no way supportive for cranks simply because the admin favors some non-mainstream theories.  

The thread was immediately removed, and I have received a message that to post such an announcement I would need the permission of the chief.  I have tried to contact him, and asked for a permission.  The result was that I have been banned now.

PS:  I see that the ban has been only a temporary one, or a technical error or so, whatever, I'm no longer banned there.  Unfortunately, the request for permission of the announcement was rejected.  Looks not very rational to me, but such is life.

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