about the author


These pages contain many non-orthodox positions

I recommend not to accept the claims and positions presented here in an uncritical way.

In particular, the physical theories presented here differ in important points from the theories preferred today by the mainstream of modern physics (string theory, loop quantum gravity).

You should also be aware that most web pages with outsider theories, in particular ether theories, are complete nonsense.

Different from such nonsense, in particular the ether theory presented here has been published in the prestigeous peer-reviewed journal Foundations of Physics as:

Schmelzer, I.: A Condensed Matter Interpretation of SM Fermions and Gauge Fields, arXiv:0908.0591, Foundations of Physics, vol. 39, 1, p. 73, DOI 10.1007/s10701-008-9262-9 (2009)

Other papers of the author have been published in peer-reviewed journals too.

But this does not mean that these theories have been already accepted. It only means that they are sound and reasonable, that there are no well-known objections, and that it is not the usual unpublishable ether nonsense one can find on many web pages.

If you find some points where you think something is wrong, please tell me about this. I'm very interested in discussing such things.