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Global warming:
Don't panic!

There is no reason to panic because of the climate change. Why not?

We have an emergency stopgap

First of all, because we can stop it if it will become necessary. There is an emergency stopgap for climate change: We can reach the same global cooling which we observe in big volcano eruptions with the help of nuclear fusion bomb explosions in inhabitable deserts. Dirty and radical? Indeed, but so what? This would be only necessary as an emergency, if global warming becomes really negative.

Our actual temperature is below the optimal one

But when does it become really negative? The answer to this question is unknown, but it is quite obvious that the average temperature which is optimal for mankind is higher than the actual one, so that it would be a global cooling we should be much more afraid of. To clarify which temperature is in the long run optimal is something we would have to find out before even starting to worry. The answer would subdivide the problems into the question when it would be necessary to start emergency measures to stop the warming, and the question what is necessary to adapt to a higher temperature.

The costs of adaptation to the new climate will remain moderate

Once we know that some amount of warming will improve the living conditions in the long run, there will be nonetheless costs related with the necessary adaptation to the new conditions. But these will be, in fact, investments worth to be done. Instead, investing the same amount into stopping the warming would leave us, in the long run, in worse conditions.