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about the author

The paleoclassical approach to modern physics

What is presented on these pages consists, roughly speaking, of two parts. On the one hand, I'm a libertarian, and among the names used to describe the particular variant I prefer is paleo-libertarianism - for its attempt to revive libertarian principles rejected long ago.

The other, more important part is my contribution to fundamental physics, and I have not found a better name for my approach to modern physics than paleoclassical.

In fact, the basic idea shared by all the physical theories I propose is the revival of principles of classical physics, principles which have been rejected during the scientific revolutions of the last century. In this sense, it is indeed similar to the paleolibertarian direction in politics, which tries to revive libertarian principles which have been rejected in the last century, a century of political revolutions which have lead to totalitarism and increasing power of the state.

Of course, as well as the paleolibertarians do not want to destroy modern technology, but want to revive classical freedom in our modern society, the paleoclassical approach to modern physics does not attempt to reject all the progress reached by modern physics. Instead, only those classical principles, which are compatible with all the empirical evidence of modern physics, are proposed to be revived.