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How journals obtain copyright for scientific papers for nothing

I'm the author of several papers in prestigeous scientific journals.

I have written them myself, in my own free time, not as part of a job paid by taxpayers money. Nonetheless, I do not receive even a single cent for my publications. All the income of the scientific journals containing my papers goes 100% to the owners of the journals.

On the one hand, that's my own fault. I have volitionally given the copyright to these journals.

On the other hand, there is a structural problem with these journals - they own the copyright for all their papers for free, for nothing. Some even require extra publication fees.

How is this possible? The system is the following:

Fortunately, in physics there is an e-print Server arxiv.org, where physicists can upload their papers before publication in journals, and everybody can download them for free. And usually, with the publication in the journal, the published version of the paper is uploaded to arxiv.org too, so that there is an alternative to downloading papers for journals.

Nonetheless, these journals make large profits out of taxpayers money.

So, do not support these journals who don't pay the authors even a single cent for their copyright

Instead, download physical papers only from arxiv.org, or ask their authors for a copy. If you want to support the authors, support them directly.

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